wifi marketingWiFi Marketing has redefined how businesses interact with their customers. Thanks to WiFi, customers simply need to opt-in to the Wi-Fi network of any hotel, bar or restaurant and be rewarded for being a valued customer.

For most businesses, reaching your most valuable asset (customers) and interacting via Wi-Fi offers the opportunity for branding, loyalty and research.

Hotels now can gain a deeper understanding of the needs of their customers. After joining for the first time, guests can be opted into a notification system (lead generation), containing coupons and other offers, in appreciation for their loyalty to the business. Once customers have opted-in, the network remembers them and each subsequent visit could offer them additional rewards.

WiFi Marketing is a truly innovative tool that can add to the bottom line of any business by lead generation and engagement in exchange for free WiFi. What makes this so attractive to the business owner is the knowledge that their ideal customer is getting their message via the correct media. Whilst the customer is happy to get free WiFi and is not likely to object to receiving a coupon for a free cup of coffee or some such offer of a discount, so it’s surely the right message. It’s a winning exchange for both.

Providing access to public Wi-Fi in hotels, restaurants, gyms, retail locations and any space where potential consumers are spending time has become necessary. Customized campaigns can be created and triggered by location, loyalty (number of visits), date, or demographic information.

Social WiFi, an essential addition to WiFi Marketing, generates exponentially the powerful marketing possibilities that attracts and identifies customers, while boosting awareness through social platforms. This takes WiFi Marketing to a whole new level that can generate one-to-one customer engagement whilst amplifying customer retention and spend. Furthermore, Analytics allows businesses to accurately track the success and ROI of their marketing activities and collect valuable data that will help them better understand their customer.

Hotel WiFi marketing, is the most innovative tool today to attract, retain and reward customers. Hotel WiFi Marketing enables establishments to learn actionable insights about visiting guest behaviour and send real-time messages, coupons and rewards directly to their phones without the use of a mobile application. The ability to monetize Wi-Fi by enabling location-based marketing and analytics provides the same tools online retailers have enjoyed for over a decade.

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