TWTwitter’s Power Is Simplicity.

When Twitter first arrived on the scene many of us failed to identify it’s usefulness when compared with other social media. Today Twitter has become a major player in the social media stakes in spite of it’s limited functionality.

Whilst other social media platforms were developing more functions to incorporate to grow their membership and maintain interaction, Twitter remained as, what some have termed as a micro-blogging site.

What Makes Twitter So Powerful?

Well, it all depends on who you ask! There is no doubt that the relative fast pace of the Twitter Feed plays a leading role in it’s popularity. It’s most impressive function by far is it’s Analytics. When you consider it’s minimalistic functionality, Twitter has created a sophisticated and valuable resource for it’s users which enables effective monitoring of the performance of their activities. Businesses who incorporate this function are able to plan an effective Tweeting strategy.

What To Tweet?

Twitter’s text limit of 140 digits (including spaces) is nothing short of miraculous in terms of growing it’s popularity. It challenged the art of constructing short messages that could still attract attention – a challenge that has been well met! However, since Twitter added photo functionality to tweets, this allows info graphics to be tweeted thus eliminating the 140 text limit and can also include branding such as logos and other graphics. Short 1 minute Videos can also be Tweeted.

Doing Business On Twitter

This can and is done successfully using a number of functions, the most obvious is Twitter Ads where you can target your audience or even create an audience from your own list of contacts. For example, you can use your hotel guest list to promote revisits or special offers for return bookings. Analytics will help you monitor performance and tweak your campaign. You can create a list of prospects to message offers to based on your ideal customer profile. These are just a couple of ways to use Twitter for business.

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