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PSMMFacebook Paid Ads

Facebook paid ads is just one method of social media marketing. Although quite simple and straightforward, you will need to have done prior research to establish your target audience. Then you can begin to experience the power Facebook Ads offers in terms of ROI.

Here’s just a few tips of what to bear in mind once you create your campaign.

Although strange as it seems, creating your ads like tabloids has proven to achieve the best response. Because Facebook does not allow more than 20% text in the ads you are then forced to catch your prospects attention with the least amount of words and images. Therefore, a “sober” looking ad is not likely to perform well.

If you already have email addresses and/or phone numbers of you best guests, customers, or clients Facebook allows you to create a “Lookalike Audience” and will identify as many commonalities as possible and show you ads to the closely matched Lookalike Audience. This is a marketers dream come true, to be able to find as close as possible identical guests to those they already do business with.

One “trick” that is not openly discussed is how to get your ad showing up on your competitors’ guests using Custom Audiences. If you are prepared to spend a little time noting their hyperactive Fans you can then target these with your services.

It is crucial to have a mobile friendly landing page. Just collect the least amount of information possible in your opt-in forms – first name and email address only, instead of last name and phone number. Some saw conversions improvements by almost 60% just by reducing the number of boxes to be filled out.

Another great feature of Facebook Ads is the ability to re-target those who visited your website but took no action. It’s almost like building an email list of those who have shown an interest in your service or hotel and then market to them at will. This can also reduce exponentially the cost-per-acquisition.

Last but no-means least is the the ability to think outside the box and target your prospects where no one else would think to go. Common interests is one method, if most of your guests are golfers then you can easily find these when setting up Facebook ads in the “Interests” option.

You can do all of these to a greater success when you know all about your ideal target market. His/her age, interests, location, marital status, job, industry. When you take the time and effort required to find these things out your marketing then become infinitely easier and cheaper.




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