list selectionList Selection is one of the most under-utilised and undervalued skills in marketing today.

If you are not selective with the lists that you curate, build or buy then not only is your CPA expensive but more importantly, so is the amount of lost revenue your hotel, business or company loses each year.

The apparent cost of using mailing lists forces some businesses to stop using them altogether and look for “cheaper” ways to find customers.

Let’s first look at the different types of Lists available just to get a complete understanding and see the merits of each.

  • Buying a List

If you know who you ideal customer is then you can narrow down the type of list to buy. Sometimes it’s easy if you are looking for a particular industry, such as restaurants for example, as this will be readily available and comparatively inexpensive to buy. However, this is what’s known as a “cold list.”

If you need something a little more specialised, for example people who like to take winter breaks or golfing weekends you can go to a list-broker where you can rent a compatible list for usually a cost per thousand names. This requires considerable skill and and ability to identify where your ideal customer is amongst the available lists.

  • Building a List

List building is a popular method you will see very often on the Internet. Many websites offer Newsletters or Free Reports in exchange for names and email addresses. The cost of this depends upon how fast you wish to build the list. For example, a PPC Campaign such as Google Adwords can help you build a list fast depending on your budget. Similarly using social media marketing paid advertising can drive prospects to sign up on your website.

The most recent form of list building is followers, fans and connections on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linked In. There are several methods here of delivering your message: Organically by daily postings, paid advertising to a social media page or a paid campaign to drive prospects from social media to your website. Social media now gives businesses the capability to quickly find a targeted audience.

  • In-House Customer List

Some businesses build a list of customers, and sometimes even prospects, unwittingly which is then grossly under utilized as a method of marketing further products and services. This is a hot list and any company that has one of these can increase revenue in a number of ways with either more products and services of their own or even a related product from a company in the same industry by agreement or by renting out the list.

When using lists for marketing the one basic piece of information that’s crucial to know beforehand is your ideal customer’s profile, without it most of your efforts will be costly and will produce mediocre results at best.

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