LILinked In Provides Easier Access to Industry Leaders and Decision Makers than Any Method of Marketing Today.

Quite a bold statement, nevertheless true. Once you have your Positioning right then access to industry leaders, decision makers and professionals becomes infinitely easier.

However, setting up your own profile is fundamental to success with Linked In and this takes quite a bit of forethought and work. Following the rules of Positioning is crucial (see Positioning).

Research Tool

One of the most valuable assets of Linked In is the way the categories are segmented because this allows you to hone in on your specific, if unknown yet, prospect. If you do happen to know the name of your prospect then the search is quite straight forward. However, you can also search by position in the company and the company itself. Even if your prospect does not have a Linked In profile you may still have the opportunity to reach a close colleague of his.

Approaching Your Prospect

Although sending your prospect a direct message is the ideal approach, it may not always get you the result you’re looking for. In fact, there’s no guarantee you will even get a reply. A more subtle approach is to join the groups you prospect has joined and interact within the group – become a “Top Contributor” and establish yourself as an expert. Remember, it’s all about positioning! This way you are likely to be noticed and taken seriously when making your introduction.

This is just one strategy created out of literally dozens of opportunities that will help grow your business on Linked In. Out of all the other social media platforms, none offers more variety of opportunity for highly targeted, highly qualified, B2B lead generation than Linked In.

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