LGLead Generation: Once You Find Your Ideal Customer!

Finding your ideal market allows you market your message to the right prospect. The next job is to identify from that market exactly who your potential clients are. This we call Lead Generation here is how it’s done.

The Lead Generation Magnet

The message you send, be it email, direct mail or banner ad, should contain some sort of valuable free gift (free report, video or mp3 download) which they will receive in exchange for their contact details; email and/or postal address. The valuable free gift is what’s know as a lead generation magnet which when exchanged for contact details tells you right away that this person is interested in your message and thereby becomes a highly qualified prospect.

The Follow-up Campaign

This can be either by email or direct mail. For an overview of these methods click Email Marketing or Direct Mail Marketing, it’s better to try both initially.

Social Media

Social media is a highly effective platform from which to generate leads with deadly accuracy due to the tightly defined demographics, interests, job titles, occupations, industry, age gender etc. A well crafted ad can cost as little as 17 pence CTR to your website.For an overview on ways to use social media, click Social Media.

For more information on how to implement a lead generation strategy for your hotel, restaurant or business, email paul.f@how-to-digitals.com



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