hotel_wifiWiFi is fast becoming the most innovative carrier and well poised to overtake mobile.

The opportunities for Hotel WiFi are quite dynamic because hoteliers now have the opportunity to bring their guests even closer into the conversation. Here’s why!

From the second a guest enters the hotel’s WiFi a whole other conversation begins to take place on a number of different levels. When a hotel knows how to hold a separate conversation on each of these levels the opportunity to generate more and more revenue grows exponentially. For example;

  • The very first click the guest will make will be to either Like & Comment on the hotel’s Facebook Page or Follow and Tweet on Twitter, depending upon the hotel’s preferred social media.
  • Concurrently, marketing hotel or other affiliated services with offers can take place and if made attractive enough to the guest, sales can be made.
  • The next click can be a newsletter type page with hotel & local information and activities; including more offers. You may wish to include a survey just to get more familiar with the guest’s requirements.
  • A predetermined daily message can be set up for your guests to promote the second they enter the hotel WiFi that is automatically shared amongst their friends.
  • Keeping an eye on metrics, the hotel can then begin to define their ideal guest and fine-tune their marketing campaign accordingly affording the opportunity of generating more leads at less cost per lead.

Those are just a few of many ways that hotel WiFi can produce extra income streams. Non of these are hard sell and subtle marketing will be very rewarding when you know who you ideal guests are and the types of services they are likely to require whilst visiting the hotel.

This is yet another powerful strategy of delivering the right message to the right market via the right media.

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