Done Correctly,EM Email Marketing Can Be Your Most Powerful Income Generating Machine.

Due to the “black hat” practices of the few, email marketing has become a dirty word with some businesses who have chosen to avoid it altogether, except for personal emailing.

However, when one follows the well cut path that avoids the SPAM filters and has recipients opening, reading and responding to your emails it then becomes a profitable and reliable media for attracting and maintaining guests, customers and clients.

The art of email marketing is surprisingly simple, but what you will need is an email management software to keep track on your campaign. Here is a very brief overview of the steps necessary to keep your emails out of the spam filters and into the minds of your recipients.


The importance your list cannot be over-stated. You cannot simply send emails to any old list and expect to get results. The subject of Lists is covered in more detail here on our webpage: List Selection.


Personalisation of your emails, no matter how large your list, is crucial in showing legitimacy of your email, and establishes the fact you do have some kind of a relationship with the person receiving it. For example, if you have collected the email addresses of your customers by default, for perhaps ordering products or customer service communications, but have never used email marketing to that list before then beware. Your first email to them should state clearly:

  • The business they have had with your company, i.e. how they got on the list
  • Something of a pre apology, “I hope you don’t mind our emailing you.”
  • A very special offer that will benefit them that’s related to their previous dealings with you
  • The opportunity to opt out of receiving further emails.

Subject Line

Making your subject line stand out from the crowd is the Holy Grail of email marketing. Subject lines can be peculiar to service, industry or type of customer. There are generic types also. For example, a successful Internet Marketer said that the largest opening rate for his emails had as the subject line, “Bad News.” I’ve used this in at least 3 different sectors and it increased opening rates substantially each time.


If you don’t have an offer of some kind then, not only will you get poor results from your current campaign, but with any future emailing due to lack of interest and a high unsubscribe rate.

3 Step Campaign

Any email campaign you devise should be part of a three step process. This allows you to monitor the opening and click through rates of each email. The hidden power of this system is that you can analyse the effectiveness of each email and tweak the next one accordingly, giving you three opportunities to achieve the desired result.


A good email software will allow you to monitor the opening and click through rates of each email. Furthermore, it should tell you specifically ‘who’ from your list opened and clicked through. Thus providing invaluable data about your list which enables better and more effective email marketing campaigns.

If you would like to know how to structure an effective email marketing campaign for your business email:



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