DMMDirect Mail is the Oldest Yet Most Profitable Marketing Media Available to Any Business Today!

In terms of ROI, you can still get big bangs for your buck with direct mail marketing. Large companies spend millions of pounds annually on what is commonly called ‘junk mail’.

Why do they spend so much? Simply because it works and has done since the early days of the printing press, and the only thing likely to stop it from working is closure of mailing delivery companies such as Royal Mail; currently gearing up for privatisation.

The Secret to Success?

However, small fortunes can also be lost using direct mail marketing, as most of us can easily identify ‘our version of junk mail’ which goes straight into the bin, unopened. Why? Because we are not even remotely interested in that company, period. So in reality the sender strayed from the guiding principles of right message to right market via right media. In fact, probably the first two.

Direct Mail Principles

Small businesses do not have the luxury of a large marketing budget to make this kind of mistake too often; if at all. Many have found the smarter method of firstly finding who their ideal customer is then build a profile of traits, habits and demographics which are then used to seek out similar prospects. For example, the ideal customer profile for guests who stay at a top star luxury hotel in London may include ‘golf’ and ‘high-end property investment’. The hotelier can easily rent lists of golfers and those who invest in high-end property. There will be other information on the data card from the lists that he can segment further if required.

Crafting Your Message

Since the right market/customer has now been found, a message needs to be crafted that will appeal to them. Here, one should be skilled in copy-writing and it’s techniques. Otherwise, it’s far better to outsource to someone who is. Ideally, the campaign would be a series of three congruent letters which follow from one to the next, allowing three opportunities to elicit a response from the recipient.

This is just a broad outline of the work and research that goes into direct mail marketing. Other skills include; how to make sure your letter gets opened, getting it read and eliciting the desired response. When becoming adept, this whole process can then be automated and thereby reducing costs considerably.

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