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GAWill Google Adwords Still Works on a Shoe-String Budget?

Back in the day pretty much anyone could make £200-£300 per day selling a “How-To” e-book from a single page website. Due to poor user experience, Google restricted this practice almost overnight.

Although it proved to be much needed restriction, coincidentally the CPC (cost-per-click) also began to rise so substantially that some of the smaller players could no longer afford to bid on competitive keywords. This was due to several factors, most notably the quality of the website followed closely by on-page SEO.

The same shoe-string budget today won’t bring you £200-£300 daily, but by following a few simple rules combined with astute strategising, you can reduce your CPC considerably over a period of a few short weeks.

Just by way of example, we set up and managed a campaign using the keyword “ADHD” that had a bid price £1.50p just to get our ads shown. In less than a month we were paying as little as 0.13p CPC. The two main factors involved in reducing this cost were:

  1. Quality of website and relevance to keyword.
  2. Congruency of keyword throughout the Campaign.

Quality of Website and Relevance to Keyword.

The website was well established and it’s theme was “mental health” to which several pages were dedicated to ADHD. Visitors had left messages in the comments box and there were several Youtube videos on each page. The on-page SEO had been carried out which included the “ADHD” keyword. In short this was a quality website in the eyes of Google.

Congruency of Keyword Throughout the Campaign

The keyword and content provided good user experience. We built an email list offering a free downloadable e-book. This was a common sense guide for parents and children on the subject of ADHD. So the thread of congruency was woven through the keyword, the website and the sign up page, which also included and article on ADHD, along with the e-book’s subject matter.

By daily monitoring, tweaking and eliminating less profitable keywords, we were then able to drive the CPC down as low as 0.13p from the initial £1.50p. 

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