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WiFi Marketing

wifi marketingWiFi Marketing has redefined how businesses interact with their customers. Thanks to WiFi, customers simply need to opt-in to the Wi-Fi network of any hotel, bar or restaurant and be rewarded for being a valued customer.

For most businesses, reaching your most valuable asset (customers) and interacting via Wi-Fi offers the opportunity for branding, loyalty and research.

Hotels now can gain a deeper understanding of the needs of their customers. After joining for the first time, guests can be opted into a notification system (lead generation), containing coupons and other offers, in appreciation for their loyalty to the business. Once customers have opted-in, the network remembers them and each subsequent visit could offer them additional rewards.

WiFi Marketing is a truly innovative tool that can add to the bottom line of any business by lead generation and engagement in exchange for free WiFi. What makes this so attractive to the business owner is the knowledge that their ideal customer is getting their message via the correct media. Whilst the customer is happy to get free WiFi and is not likely to object to receiving a coupon for a free cup of coffee or some such offer of a discount, so it’s surely the right message. It’s a winning exchange for both.

Providing access to public Wi-Fi in hotels, restaurants, gyms, retail locations and any space where potential consumers are spending time has become necessary. Customized campaigns can be created and triggered by location, loyalty (number of visits), date, or demographic information.

Social WiFi, an essential addition to WiFi Marketing, generates exponentially the powerful marketing possibilities that attracts and identifies customers, while boosting awareness through social platforms. This takes WiFi Marketing to a whole new level that can generate one-to-one customer engagement whilst amplifying customer retention and spend. Furthermore, Analytics allows businesses to accurately track the success and ROI of their marketing activities and collect valuable data that will help them better understand their customer.

Hotel WiFi marketing, is the most innovative tool today to attract, retain and reward customers. Hotel WiFi Marketing enables establishments to learn actionable insights about visiting guest behaviour and send real-time messages, coupons and rewards directly to their phones without the use of a mobile application. The ability to monetize Wi-Fi by enabling location-based marketing and analytics provides the same tools online retailers have enjoyed for over a decade.

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Social WiFi

social wifiSocial WiFi can generate a high-level of engagement from guests who will promote you to their friends and family.

WiFi has become something of a boom with many on-site service-based businesses. Hotels and airports being the most obvious. Hotspots are used by bars, restaurants and coffee shops to bring in more customers and keep them there longer in the hope they might buy that extra cup of coffee or glass of wine.

However, that is just a fraction of WiFi’s potential because businesses are catching on quickly to the idea that offering free WiFi to their customers gives them the opportunity to make offers and promotions like never before.

It’s done by incorporating social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ into the log on page of the business WiFi system; hence the term “Social WiFi.”

This is how Social WiFi exponentially magnifies your social media marketing campaign generating a high-level of engagement from guests, customers and clients who then promote you to their friends and family.

So how is this done…?

It’s done by making your establishment a Hotspot where guests, customers and patrons can access free WiFi within the range of your business. It’s similar to the old “open access” Internet that had no password requirement.

Instead, they can find the name of your hotel, restaurant or business on the list of available networks on their device. Once they access they are shown a Splash Page (similar to a webpage) that will allow access to the Internet via their social media profile.

This is where it becomes exciting because on entering they will have automatically “Liked” your Facebook Page or “Followed” you on Twitter and left your predetermined message of the day on their social media profile. This message can be changed daily so if for example you have regular daily guests, customers or patrons visiting, they are not seeing the same message repetitively.

The 3 Stages of Engagement:

1. The Splash Page:

Depending upon which service you choose, these pages are customisable which means branding with your logos etc, you can place banner ads or offers such as “50% Off” or “2 for 1” deals. You could even place affiliate banners for other similar products or services, especially if you knew your ideal customer’s habits.

2. A Social Media Connection:

Once the customer has accessed via social media the connection has been made to you social media business page. this enable you to interact, message and promote offers directly into their Feed even if the person is visiting your site at that moment.

3. Messaging Your Customers Profile Page:

The second your customer accesses your Hotspot your predetermined message goes directly on his profile page update/status – a position where only the person himself is allowed to post. This will show on the Feeds of his connections. An invaluable media to get your message to both the customer and his/her connections about your hotel, restaurant or coffee shop. The message can also be a coupon offer to entice your customers connections to become customers too.

To set up a Hotspot with a Splash Page fully customised to your hotel, restaurant or coffee shop branding, email:

Hotel Wifi

hotel_wifiWiFi is fast becoming the most innovative carrier and well poised to overtake mobile.

The opportunities for Hotel WiFi are quite dynamic because hoteliers now have the opportunity to bring their guests even closer into the conversation. Here’s why!

From the second a guest enters the hotel’s WiFi a whole other conversation begins to take place on a number of different levels. When a hotel knows how to hold a separate conversation on each of these levels the opportunity to generate more and more revenue grows exponentially. For example;

  • The very first click the guest will make will be to either Like & Comment on the hotel’s Facebook Page or Follow and Tweet on Twitter, depending upon the hotel’s preferred social media.
  • Concurrently, marketing hotel or other affiliated services with offers can take place and if made attractive enough to the guest, sales can be made.
  • The next click can be a newsletter type page with hotel & local information and activities; including more offers. You may wish to include a survey just to get more familiar with the guest’s requirements.
  • A predetermined daily message can be set up for your guests to promote the second they enter the hotel WiFi that is automatically shared amongst their friends.
  • Keeping an eye on metrics, the hotel can then begin to define their ideal guest and fine-tune their marketing campaign accordingly affording the opportunity of generating more leads at less cost per lead.

Those are just a few of many ways that hotel WiFi can produce extra income streams. Non of these are hard sell and subtle marketing will be very rewarding when you know who you ideal guests are and the types of services they are likely to require whilst visiting the hotel.

This is yet another powerful strategy of delivering the right message to the right market via the right media.

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POSITIONINGBespoke Social Media for Busy Hoteliers is the missing piece of the social media puzzle.

How would you position your hotel in the minds of those who appear to be your ideal guest? There are various ways to do this depending upon your current positioning. Here are just a few methods used today in order to successfully Position a hotel, company or business.

  1. Position yourself as a leader
  2. Position yourself as a follower
  3. By repositioning your competition
  4. By name
  5. By riding on the back of other advertising.

According to Al Ries & Jack Trout, you first have to ask yourself these 6 questions;

  1. What position do I own?
  2. What position do I want to own?
  3. Who must I outdo?
  4. Do I have enough money?
  5. Can I stick it out?
  6. Do I match my position?

For information on how to follow the steps to move your hotel, business or company up the positioning ladder email:

Why choose us? Well, there are countless numbers of automated services that will either deliver you the wrong type of audience for your business or simply deliver the statistics with which to measure the successes of your campaigns across all of your your social media platforms. And as useful and innovative is the latter, without this missing piece you are likely to be be measuring very limited results.

The missing piece of the social media puzzle is what you do on a daily basis that gets the best results for your type of hotel or business. The Bespoke Social Media for Busy Hoteliers concept is a formula that is ideal for the hotel sector and can be tweaked for various styles of hotels. It’s the missing piece that sifts through, analyses and determines a target audience, then quickly identifies further territories where more highly targeted and qualified customers can be found and to whom you can deliver your message.

The Bespoke Social Media for Busy Hoteliers concept is like having your very own in-house social media expert but at the fraction of the cost of a regular employee.

If you really want to know how to follow the steps that can move your hotel, business or company up the positioning ladder then get in touch right away at: