Bespoke digital media strategies to optimise engagement from your existing customers whilst generating highly qualified leads.

Social mediaThat means:

  1. Delivering the right message
  2. To the right market
  3. Via the right media

Missing on just one of these principles is costly for any business, not only in terms of wasted advertising budget, but even more so in lost customer revenue.

Those 3 time-honored marketing principles have generated billions in revenue since the late 1800s, at the infant stages of print media. Those same 3 principles are proven to be just as effective today with digital media whereby any market can be found almost immediately on most social media platforms.

The biggest challenge for most businesses with social media, and with other media too, is delivering the right message and the reason is because they don’t know or haven’t bothered to find out who their ideal customer is. This is where marketing becomes expensive due to poor results leading to lost revenue.

Social media exacerbates that challenge further with the awkwardness of trying to interject a social conversation with a business proposition. Few businesses have that skill! Even though some are well-positioned to generate customers/revenue via social media, this vital step of delivering the right message fails.

The Hospitality sector however, enjoys a tremendous advantage over most other businesses when it comes to leveraging social media. And an astute expert can find and engage with an ideal customer in minutes.

Once you have mastered the art of getting a social message to your ideal customer, you then have the ability to drive business regularly.

The crafting of that message can be extrapolated and thus enunciated only after careful research of your ideal customer’s wants and needs and only then can their interest be garnered.

These and other time-honored successful marketing principles are included within the strategies we deliver to companies wishing to incorporate social media into their marketing.


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